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Regected, Again! September 28, 2010

Once again Etsy has teamed up with the One of a Kind Show and Sale to offer a chance for indie crafters to show their wares at one of the best shows around. But of course, this is a juried show, so only the best can get in.

Just like last year, I submitted my application for consideration and just like last year I was rejected. I got my lovely regection letter just this week.

So, why do I put myself through this torture every year? Well, besides the fact that I enjoy a little S&M from time to time, I really consider it a great business booster. “What!?!”, you may be saying. Please, let me explain.

First of all I have to fill out an application explaining my company and my products. This training helps me to write better press releases and answer interview questions for blogs and magazines.

Then there are the pictures of my work that I send in. These pictures help me impove my photography skills and allow me to build a nice visual portfolio of my work.

Finally, and this is the best part, my work is being seen by at least ten if not more people. From the adminitrative assistant that receives my application to the jury selected to review my work, my company name and pictures of my products are being seen by people who otherwise may not have known about me. Just because they my not consider me for their show doesn’t mean they won’t consider me for personal use.

So, there are some benefits to applying to shows and getting rejected. Free publicity, product recognition and the off chance that one day I might actually get accepted into a show. ( yeah, like that’s ever going to happen).


Well Wed September 14, 2010

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So, as I cruised through the magazine section of my local Walmart I stumbled upon a bridal magazine that I never saw before. Always interested in discovering something new in the bridal industry, I quickly scooped up the magazine and brought it home.

As I turned the pages, my inner muse was giving me high-fives for this magazine is filled with inspiring pictures of real weddings, beautiful dresses and destinations that make a married woman want to renew her vows.

The magazine focued on the Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s vineyard- three areas that would make any starry eyed lovers want to say, ‘I do’.

Eye candy for us creative types, Wellwed is a delight to read, especially for those drawn to coastal living.


My “Use The Muse IV” Entry Posted May 21, 2010

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Hello there!

Just thought I let you know that you can view my entry into Use the Muse IV. The contest is over. I didn’t win. (bummer). But I loved entering my first jewelry competition. It was a challenge as well as a lot of fun. I do plan to enter again next year.

Anyway, if you would like to view my entry and the winners click here:

My entry is titled, “Lunch in Cairo”


At Knit’s End May 9, 2010

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Enjoying a bit of light reading this evening. Checked out the book, “At Knit’s End” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka- The Yarn Harlot.

Also enjoying a glass of mint julip made by my wonderful husband.

A good book along with a good drink. Not a bad way to end a lazy Saturday of doing not much of anything at home.


American Liver Foundation Donation April 15, 2010

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As many of you are aware, a portion from the sales of my items goes to the American Liver Foundation to help in the research for a cure to liver disease and to educate the public about liver health.

I wanted to thank you, because today you helped donate $25.00 to the American Liver Foundation. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Please, if you can, spread the word about Wine Coutures and the American Liver Foundation. The ALF is a worthy cause that can truly use your support.

To learn more go to:


Use The Muse IV April 10, 2010

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For those of you not in the know, Use The Muse is a wonderful contest that puts beaders and jewelry designers’ skills to the test. You can go to The Beader Muse at for more information.  USE THE MUSE IV is sponsored by Art Breads,

To participate you pay an entry fee which provides you with the basic kit that includes the ‘top secret’ muse. You must use the muse in your design, everything else is optional.  The really hard part is keeping the muse under wraps until winners have been announced. The muse is something different every year. I heard about this contest and this year finally decided to enter and give it a try.

When I received my kit in the mail I was overwhelmed by all the materials I got. It was worth it just ordering the kit, even if I don’t win anything. When I saw the muse, I knew right away what I wanted to do. I love the old Victorian jewelry that was designed around  a momento collected from overseas travels.  This is what the muse brought to mind and it was how I wanted to approach the piece.

The muse is the focal point of my piece with all other elements positioned in such a way as to highlight the muse.

As always, I kept with my commitment to recycling  in my design. So, besides being totally beautiful, this necklace is also eco-chic, being made from 60% recycled materials.

Below is a sneak peek of my creation. (Sorry, can’t show you the muse. You’ll just have to wait like everyone else.)


Just Got To Brag April 8, 2010

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So, I know this is so paparazzi-teenage-school-girl of me. But I just have to tell someone. It is just too cool to keep to myself.

So, guess who is following me on Twitter? Can you guess? Wanna know? Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s. . .

Martha Stewart!

Yes, I know. Isn’t it crazy? THE Martha Stewart following little old me. I’m a nobody. Okay, well I won’t go so far as to say that, but I’m just not one of those people who get caught on the radar of someone as big as Martha. Now, it’s true that she is following like a thousand other people, but that’s not the point. The point is that she has decided to follow me. How freaking cool is that!

Martha, if you are reading this, I so love you. You just totally made my day and gave my little business ego a boost. You rock!